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I mean why am I the only one laughing? OK im going to work harder on the jokes.. Promise. The next one is going to be a great joke.. And it won’t be in poor taste either.. A proper amazing joke.. Actually its going to take some time to make this super brilliant joke. So in the meantime, here is 20% off your first visit.

20% OFF your first visit

about me – i’m one half of an awesome duo…. (the other half is french)

Not your typical french.. I mean he can barely speak it, has never lived there or wasnt born there.. But gives off a french vibe. The kind of vibe that, you know, would surrender during a world war.

First visit Only at $19

Flash Sale! – (mic drop !!!)

Because clearly now I sell things.. Either that, or the guy who designed this site is actually very lazy and isn’t putting in the effort with regards research our accountability. You’d swear he is just randomly typing hoping something clever comes out.. Yup nothing clever.

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So the address should be here, but really all I can do is narrow it down to the State of Espirito Santo, in the 6th Largest country in the world.. So if you find the place, call in 🙂 – Also the designer should really change the pic of the chair.. It doesn’t fit…. Maybe the foot pic?

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